Youth for Jordan


Ibrahim had these adorable little glasses and said he wanted to be a teacher. He looked just like my little brother.

Fatima reached for my arms and quietly lay her head on my shoulder. She was the calmest baby I had ever seen.

Mahmoud said he doesn’t go to school because if he did, there would be no one to feed his family.

Sultana cried, one of the few who actually showed her vulnerability and pain. Imagine living alone, in a mere tent. No spouse, no family, nobody.

Ahmad grinned devilishly at me and that’s it – I fell in love. I grabbed this little boy and held him close. When we had to leave I cried, not wanting to let him go.


These are the stories of real people. Real children. Real individuals. The strength that Allah ﷻ imbues in these specific individuals is unfathomable. The contentment and happiness that they have even though they have nothing is astounding.

And although they may be strong, there are moments where the pain they feel is very apparent in their faces. Some are sad, some are traumatized. There were children who wouldn’t say anything, wouldn’t smile. You could clearly see on their faces that they had no hope.

Imagine that. Young children with no hope.


And yet, they welcomed us with so much love. They showed us what true, genuine generosity is. Offering us water from the only clean water they had. Cracking jokes when they have every right to cry. Their strong faith and trust in Allah ﷻ is truly incomprehensible. They say Alhamdulillah with conviction – no matter what; they don’t say it just out of habit. They don’t question Allah ﷻ’s will and tests for them – they accept whatever comes their way.

They say Alhamdulillah from their hearts. They feel it.


We take so many things for granted, things we don’t even give a second thought about. Clean water, shoes, toilets, eyesight, education. Being able to go to school. These people just want their basic needs and senses. They’re content with quite literally nothing.

Imagine that these individuals were middle class citizens in a beautiful country just a few years ago. They were us. And now they’re displaced refugees and orphans in a different country.

Imagine never being able to go back to your homeland.


We can do more. We can do so much more. We can do more than just send good thoughts their way. Don’t stop making dua for these people. Donate, donate, donate. Have good judgment, and be aware of your blessings.

Alhamdulillah, I was blessed with the opportunity to take part in this Youth for Jordan trip organized by Helping Hand for Relief and Development. Click here to donate: HHRD Quick Donate

For more information about Helping Hand, click here: HHRD

For 15 ways you can help Syrian refugees now, click here: The help starts here.

Education is the key out of this. This hardship isn’t from Allah ﷻ, it’s from peoples’ mistakes. We have to raise our children right, raise people with good morals and character – so that they make better choices and policies.


It is our responsibility to fulfill the potential inside of ourselves and become the best individuals we can be. It is our responsibility to do the best we can and help every, single person who is suffering. Give your life in service. Benefit the world. Help this ummah.

These people gave more to us than we could have ever given to them. We think we’re the giving people, we’re the ones in power, we have to save them – but in reality, we’re the ones who truly need help. These individuals taught us what it truly means to not lose hope in Allah ﷻ’s mercy.

These are God’s chosen people.

Who are we?

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