The journey begins.



Hi, friends. If you visit my “about” page, you’ll get more insight as to my reasoning for creating this little corner of mine. For now, I’ll reiterate something I posted on Instagram recently.

Realizing Allah (swt) has so much more planned for me than I ever could have thought or imagined is an overwhelming feeling. As someone who consistently struggles with self-worth and care, it’s been difficult to accept that in Allah’s (swt) sight, I am special. We all are, in our own and individual ways.

I was meant for so much more than I thought. But I’m nowhere near close to where I’m supposed to be. I have to explore, externally and internally. I have to process, understand, and heal.

I have to be better. I will be better, inshaAllah. And this is the space where I’ll be physically manifesting my reflective journey – in the form of words.

Watch out, world. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

“When we love, we strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” – Paulo Coelho


2 thoughts on “The journey begins.

  1. Isra you are in my heart right now….not because you are weak, struggling, lost, confused or any other binding word women hear all our lives to make us feel conflicted of our endless aspirations and thoughts. You are in my heart because evey woman needs a champion, cheerleader, a Shero. You are mine sis. I hope you will be my daughters as well. So often we doubt ourselves and rare have a consistent push from a peer, loved one, or friend. Instead we have a blanket you got this, proud of you, etc. You know the one that makes you feel special for brief moment and then you back to self doubt. Your words are so rich woth emotions and truth we all struggle with yet have not mastered how to cope or handle. You are not just doing life as best as anyone could, you are dealing with life the rest of us dare to dream of only. Love you so much.


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